Play as a die and be the last one alive. Explore stages to overcome your enemies, but landing on them with a higher value than they have. Once all enemies are defeated you may progress.

WASD for movement.

You can even make your own levels and share them! Post in  the comments with your custom level csvs!

How to Play:

Your number facing upward is  your "defense" number. Other dice can't squash you if your number beats theirs.

The number becoming the new upward number as you roll is your "attack" number. If this number is higher than your opponent's upward showing number, you squash them!

Position yourself in such a way that you can roll onto the other dice with the resulting larger number.

The last die standing is the winner!


Download 28 MB


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I like the idea! Puzzles were interesting, and custom levels are really impressive for a 48 hour game jam! The moving animation felt a little bit too long, especially since the player has to wait for it to end in order to move again, which gets a little annoying when you also have to wait for 3 ai to move as well. Overall really fun game!

The game was a bit hard to understand at first but afterwards it became a very fun puzzle experience!